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My Learning & Research

Queen of the Church, Servant of Christ: A Lutheran Understanding of Scriptural Authority, my presentation for Cedar River Continuing Education for Busy Leaders Forum on Thursday, February 11, 2016. PPT, PDF

Strengths Based Leadership Coaching with Diana Gabriel

"Purity" - a chapter to appear in Social Science Reader, edited by Zeba Crook

"Accessing Divine Knowledge" - a chapter to appear in Early Christian Ritual Life, edited by Richard DeMaris, Jason Lamoreaux, Steven Muir

Adult Education

Join us at 9:15am on Sunday mornings for fellowship and discussion around the following topics:  

Women's Bible Studies

Here you can find study guides and handouts. 



Women of the Reformation (including original source material from Roland H. Bainton's Women of the Reformation in Germany and Italy, 2007; and Women of the Reformation in England and France, 2007): Germany; Argula von Grumbach; England; Anne Askew; France; Marguerite of Navarre; Italy; Vittoria Colonna; Summary



Women of the Bible: Sarah & Hagar; Rebekah; Leah & Rachel; Dinah & Tamar; Deborah, Jephthah's Daughter & Delilah; Michal, Abigail & Bathsheba; Bathsheba & Tamar; Queen of Sheba; Jezebel, Susanna2 Maccabees 6 & 7; A Mother & Her 7 Sons



Exploring Judith (the text)
Fall 2015 Ruth, Esther
May 2015 1 Peter
Mar-Apr 2015

Women in the Early Church:

The Jesus Movement & Mary MagdaleneWomen in Paul's MinistryThe Acts of Paul and TheclaThecla, Paul & the PastoralsThe Martyrdom of Perpetua & Felicitas

Jan-Feb 2015 Galatians
Fall-Winter 2014 Revelation
Fall 2014 Amos

To Know, Live, and Share Christ


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